Who is AyurMama?

‘If Mama ain’t happy,
ain’t nobody happy!’

AyurMama is you.
AyurMama is me.
AyurMama is every woman–
and the energy, intelligence and creativity –the essence of LIFE–all over our big, beautiful planet.

As a woman, you have an impact greater than you may realize! And in these times, our world can TRULY benefit like never before from your powerful and healthy presence!

In my years as an Ayurvedic practitioner and educator, I’ve worked with women from all over the world and seen with my own eyes what a wonderful and far-reaching blessing it is when a woman learns to protect, develop and share herself through her personal health, balance and purpose.

AyurMama.com is dedicated to cultivating life-sustaining, strengthening and enriching wisdom and practical skills
in women at every life-stage, informed by and serving–
…intimate relationship with the qualities and cycles of Nature,
…self-recognition of–and adept response to–each woman’s unique character and ever-changing needs,
… and a growing capacity to care for one other.

Are you ready to shine in this life for all you were born to be worth?

If you’re aching to get closer to the forces of Nature–and to your own nature–
now’s the time for you to dive into learning Ayurveda at AyurMama.com


with care,

Niika • AyurMama

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