Ayurveda Presentations

A passionate, entertaining international presenter,
Niika’s approach to sharing Ayurveda brings it to life today.

In professional, academic and workshop-style settings
Niika guides participants to reconnect with that river of wisdom
ever-streaming through our senses, mind and memory,
helping us recognize the wealth of natural intelligence available to each of us at all times.

Niika teaches Ayurveda’s common-sense concepts and vocabulary to illumine an ancient Language of Life all of us can use today to see–and taste, smell, feel and hear!– ourselves and others with clarity, compassion and connection.

Niika demonstrates how Ayurveda is a set of timeless reference points we can rely on to hone our capacity to observe “what is” clearly. Understanding where we are starting–and knowing our therapeutic purpose–is fundamental to any positive healing interaction or design.

Most importantly, Niika shows us how we embrace Ayurvedic principles in all our decisions and actions affecting us, others and our environment–a vital skill we need to develop to restore optimal function and sustain harmonious relationship in our bodies, minds, relationships and surroundings.

Niika presents in a wide variety of venues, such as…

Omega Institute for Holistic Studies
Rhinebeck, New York

Rancho La Puerta: Legendary Wellness Center & Destination Spa
Baja California, Mexico

Ministry of Tourism’s ‘Elevate Yourself’ Wellness Retreat
St. Lucia, Caribbean Islands

Conference of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA)

Plumas District Hospital

New York Open Center
New York City

Holistic Mom’s Network
New Jersey

Washington Ayurvedic Medical Association

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)

The Animation Workshop
Viborg, Denmark

Rasa Ayurveda Traditional Healing Centre for Women
Kerala, India

Niika shares the practical wisdom of Ayurveda with
students training to make a positive difference in the world
in places such as…

University of California at Berkeley

Bastyr University

Feather River College

And in countless yoga studios, including:

Bhakti Barn Yoga

Juluka Yoga

Karuna Shala Yoga & Ayurveda

PS 108

Satya Yoga

Temple of the Lotus


Yoga Nine Mind Body Studio

Rutgers Preparatory School


  • “I found Niika’s workshop particularly informative and foundational.
    I’ve attended other Ayurveda talks, but until today I was never presented with what was really Ayurveda 101.”

    Claire Racek
  • “I found our Ayurveda lesson so fun and enriching!  Thank you for offering your love and light to our practice.  I hope to carry it with me well into the future.”

    Carly Susser
    Carly Susser
  • “I’d studied Ayurveda with many teachers, but it didn’t resonate with me–in my body–until I worked with Niika. Her insight, care, and translation is powerful. My work with her continues to inform my practice and my teaching.”

    Jillian Pransky
    Jillian PranskyInternational Presenter
  • Niika is a FORCE!

    Michele H.
  • “Niika’s teaching is fun and experiential – SO important when learning something potentially complex, like Ayurveda.”

    Jennifer Berrocal
    Jennifer Berrocal
  • “Niika presents this ancient tradition in a way any 40 year old woman can understand. She brings it all together to make Ayurveda exciting and relevant – not scary! – for an Italian American Catholic girl like me.”

    Chris G.
    Chris G.


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