• Mother and Daughter

    Mother of Healing

    When I was ill, injured or out-of-sorts as a young girl, my mother never made me feel like a patient. She cared for me always as her daughter–who she loved, respected, and simply happened to not be feeling well. She tended to my care with a wise mix of affection, surrender, and faith in my innate ability to heal.

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  • Stages of Life

    Learn to look at a woman’s stages of life through the lens of Ayurveda.

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  • Search Inside

    What Makes You Strong + Clear?

    If anxiety, uncertainty and a strange anticipation cling to your heart and mind–don’t feel alone!

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  • Nature's Light of Knowledge

    Turn on the Light!

    Winter Solstice invites you to wake up out of your dream state, into reality!

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  • Niika at Rasa Ayurveda on Thanksgiving

    Make Space for a Great Thanksgiving

    I make the decision to consciously invoke the phrase MAKE SPACE as my “go-to” reminder through the day – especially when I am spending all day with my relatives!

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  • Ayurveda on YogaLand Podcast

    Calm & Grounded with Ayurveda – a trip to YogaLand

    Come back to a balanced state with Ayurvedic wisdom. Hear about some simple ways you can help yourself when you’re feeling ungrounded, stressed or upset. YogaLand Podcast Interview with Niika Quistgard and Andrea Ferretti

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  • Chillaxin' with a Smile

    Summer’s Here… Keep Your Cool!

    Summer’s not all softness. It has its harsher qualities. And when excess heat, light and activity pile up, you’re more vulnerable to the effects. Simple Ayurveda-inspired wisdom will help you introduce cooling, calming sensations into your summer days, so you can enjoy all Summer’s glories – the warmth and freedom you love–with no fear of imbalance. You don’t have to…

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  • Let Life Decide

    Instead of deciding what it is I “need to fix” about myself or my life–instead of listing all the things I need to straighten out, improve or do away with by making resolutions–I let Life decide.

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