Does the word ‘Ayurveda’ conjure up a variety of images for you?

Do you see…a woman lying on a treatment table, receiving a shirodhara – the famous stream of oil applied steadily to the forehead to reduce stress, induce feelings of bliss and eradicate insomnia?


…natural grocery shelves stocked with teas, lotions, oils and spice mixtures–all labeled according to Ayurveda’s three doshas – vata, pitta and kapha?

… or a woman reviewing a list of foods recommended by her Ayurvedic practitioner as she begins to prepare her evening meal?


Do you see a simple clinic in India, where herbal remedies, full-body and localized traditional treatments, meditation, yoga and special meals are all provided to restore and extend vitality to a variety of women, each with unique needs?


If these kinds of images fill your mind’s eye–you’re right! All of these are Ayurveda.

But there’s another image I hope you see. The image of your very own sweet self, filled with self-understanding, self-regard and the knowledge you need to live your healthiest best life.

The Sanskrit word “Ayurveda” means “science of life.”  Ayurveda is manifesting across a wide spectrum in today’s world, from clinical care in hospitals and practitioners’ clinics (Ayurveda is recognized by the World Health Organization), to spa treatments offering special massage and other restorative therapies.

Cooking classes, herbal medicines, yoga and meditation instructions and simple self-care practices are all part of Ayurveda, too.

The greatest value of Ayurveda is the knowledge and vocabulary that will help you see yourself and your life in subtle and dynamic detail….

In living color!

Ayurveda takes every aspect of the WHOLE WOMAN into account, every layer of your life can be understood and addressed intelligently through the application of Ayurvedic wisdom.

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