FIND Your Nature • Inquiry Tool

‘Know Thyself.’

Uncover Nature’s
blueprint for who You are…

Life is complex, and we’re each a little different.

So–in good times and in bad–
what is it that sets You up to thrive?

Are you ready to
FIND Your Nature?
This special inquiry tool will guide you offline
–into real life–
to uncover your unique characteristics,
deepen your self-acceptance
and discover which sensory qualities
best nurture and support
the true you…


Dive into Y-O-U with this Ayurveda-inspired inquiry tool designed to…

• TAKE INVENTORY of your unique physical and mental characteristics, and learn their significance to who You are.

• DITCH the boring, misleading ‘What’s my dosha?’ questionnaires! A special audio recording will guide you to see yourself with truer eyes, and engage your senses to assess your nature. (And if you like, you can double the fun and insight by trading assessments with a friend!)

• RECOGNIZE and EMBRACE your “Ness”–that special constellation of your form, tendencies and patterns that makes you uniquely YOU!

• LEARN which sensory
qualities to emphasize in your lifestyle, environment, diet and relationships to bring back your balance, and keep your body and soul beautiful, vibrant and strong!

• BONUS! At no cost, you can SHARE full access to FIND Your Nature with a friend or colleague of your choice!

“I’ve been looking forward to this dosha assessment!”

–New Student

“The biggest thing I got from FIND Your Nature is a greater acceptance of who I am.”

-Amanda Meehan

FIND Your Nature gives you…

step-by-step guidance and all the materials you need to see yourself–and a friend, if you choose–through wise “Ayurvedic” eyes.


FIND Your Nature • Preparation Audio Guide
(streaming or downloadable mp4)

iTunes-mp3-300x300LISTEN to Niika’s special 10-minute audio– created to quiet your critical mind and open your heart, so you’ll be in the perfect state to take in your own unique nature–or your friend’s–with a non-judgmental, welcoming attitude

FIND Your Nature • Structural Qualities–Inquiry Scan I (downloadable pdf)
file-pdfPRINT this worksheet set that will walk you through seeing all the details of your form–or a friend’s–with clear, objective and loving eyes

FIND Your Nature • Functional Qualities–Inquiry Scan II (downloadable pdf)
file-pdf REMEMBER your lifelong patterns of mental, emotional and physical functioning to discover meaningful clues that point toward your innate nature

REVEAL Your Nature
(downloadable pdf + live link)
file-pdfTRANSFORM your observations into “Ayurvedic answers” to REVEAL the blueprint for the ‘OG’– (original!)–YOU!

plus… SUPPORT in a small group (private FaceBook group)

CONNECT if have questions, need social-media-icons-facebook-greyhelp–or just want to share!

The POWER In Your Nature • 3 Audios
(streaming or downloadable mp4)



LISTEN for a deeper understanding of the powers of your nature–and how the right sensory qualities can bring back your balance and keep you healthy and strong!


I couldn’t wait to do the FIND Your Nature inquiry!
My results were 55% Pitta, 29% Vata, and 16% Kapha.
I have a Pitta nature!

 Angela Sarracino
Salon Owner & Creative Director

“I so enjoy Niika’s audios!
The sound of her voice is healing.”

–Jeda Pearl

FIND Your Nature empowered me to engage my senses and participate–with a friend–to discover our Ayurvedic body/mind types.
I learned so much, and it was more fun than using an online ‘dosha’ questionnaire!”


No-Risk, Money Back Guarantee

If you go complete all the steps to FIND Your Nature, LISTEN to the audios–and feel you’ve gained nothing?
Just tell us why and show us your work. A full refund will be yours!