KNOW Ayurveda • FREE Course

“KNOW Ayurveda’s a fun teaser that cuts out misunderstandings right at the start.”

“Loved the emphasis on using the qualities of nature to rebalance!”

I learned that many of the things I am already  interested in are part of Ayurveda living.”

You’re SMART to be curious about Ayurveda!

KNOW AYURVEDA is a short-course designed especially to give you–
–the essential facts about Ayurveda
–where you can find it, and
–how Ayurveda works with your own natural human technology–your mind and senses–to give you a great life!

KNOW AYURVEDA’s perfect for you–if you want to–
–be informed and confident when you talk about Ayurveda with your peers.
–have some real “solid ground” knowledge about Ayurveda and how it works!
–understand the terms and ideas referred to on Ayurvedic product packaging, by service providers, practitioners and Ayurvedic educators.
–take a ‘taste’ of how Ayurveda works with your senses and your mind
–find out if you’re interested in diving deeper and learning more!

(and especially for Massage Therapists – gain 2 online Continuing Education hours approved by NCBTMB   • $18 processing fee when you request your certificate after completion)

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Each fun, easy 30 minute lesson guides you off-line–into LIFE–to have your own personal experience, your most powerful source of knowledge!

AND, yes – more…
The moment you’ve completed  KNOW AYURVEDA you’ll be SHOWERED with VALUABLE REWARDS!

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Niika Quistgard, CAS, Ayurveda for Women

 Creator, KNOW Ayurveda

“KNOW Ayurveda is simple and basic, which is exactly what I needed!”

This is a great mini-course. (Especially for free!)

“KNOW Ayurveda  instilled trust in myself, that in listening to my senses, I have what I need to heal and bring joy to my life.”