Ready to feel calm, strong, healthy,

focused, grounded,

joyful and free?

My experience sharing Ayurveda with women from more than
50 countries around the world
has allowed me to see–with my very own wide, green eyes–
the treasure Ayurveda offers women.

I believe this is an important time for all of us–as women–to move
into close, cooperative relationship with life’s abundant energy.

First and foremost: for our own sweet healing.

And second: to supercharge your natural abilities
to affect this planet
in powerful, positive ways.

Since the beginning of time, women have held great potential
to create,
and to help heal and nurture our world.

My personal opinion: Our world could really use you at your best right now
[Don’t you agree?]

I know it’s hard to create and nurture when you don’t feel well,
when you lack energy or confidence,
or don’t yet have the clarity and strength you need to see you through.

Enter the sensory medicine of Ayurveda!

With the knowledge and self-understanding you’ll get
when we meet for in-person or online personal Ayurveda sessions,
you’ll soon grasp how to address your own needs.
When what you need most is to rebalance your life, a personal Ayurveda program–
one that includes private sessions–can help you get on an even keel.

  • “I thought Ayurveda might be airy-fairy and impractical, but Niika helped me understand myself in the light of Ayurveda, and it has made a profound impact in my daily life. My symptoms have diminished, but the best part is that my self-esteem is ten times better.”

    Amy O.
    Amy O.
  • “Niika’s recommendations are well-written manageable, bite-sized chunks of information and insight. She is a blessing to my heart!”

    Stephanie R.
  • “Niika not only knows her Ayurveda, she’s had so much life experience.
    She relates to almost anything a woman is going through.
    She gave me great advice, and nudged me into my courage.”

    Anna Maria P.
    Anna Maria P.
  • “After my last session I literally sobbed myself to sleep. This was not a negative crying, but one of gratitude for the positive feeling and cleansing I feel. What a relief! I’m getting so much more than I paid for.”

    Laura J.
  • “Could this be what balance feels like? I had no idea how powerful Ayurveda really is. Niika – thank you, thank you!”

    Dorry B.

In everything I create to offer you, I dedicate myself to
breaking down the wisdom of Ayurveda
into personal, practical, heartfelt–even irresistible “bites.”

In our private sessions, I’ll do my best to coax your eyes open
to discover and understand
what you already naturally know
about the power of Ayurveda.

I’ll coach you to refine all your powers of perception,
and encourage you to leverage your highest strengths to care for who you really are,
to live out the best version of yourself – healthy, happy, strong, vital and free.

Having clarity on who you are and what you need,
restores your strength and juices up your love and zest for life.

Then I’ll guide you to experience the value of Ayurvedic wisdom in your real, daily life,
so you can experience how practical and effective this powerful approach is, right away.
(Your own experience is your most trusted and inspiring source of knowledge, right?)

If you’ve noticed your appetite awakening for a more
intimate connection with yourself and all of life
–or simply hope to feel that awakening–
that’s a great sign!
Ayurveda for women holds value for you.

I’d love nothing more than to be your personal guide
into the world of Ayurveda for women!

My schedule is currently booked for Ayurveda for women
programs that include one-to-one private sessions, both online and in person.

BUT – life is ever-changing, and an opportunity to meet together
will come up soon.

I’m happy to send you details and clue you in
before I make any announcements to my wider email list
or to the general public,
if you’re already feeling hungry for the
peace, strength and joy you’ll get 
when you learn to
recognize, embrace and care for the True You.

Pop your email into the form below.

Ayurveda for Women is NEVER like a bicycle for a fish!
Rightly understood and applied, Ayurvedic wisdom always delivers the perfect fit.
It’s not an “extra” thing you really don’t need. In fact, Ayurveda is all about helping you recognize what you really do need, when you need it.

Ayurveda can give you the kind of clarity that will fuel your courage to fulfill your true needs,
and live more powerfully,
spurred on by a real joy of life and your natural wisdom.

When you enter your name, email and location in the form above, you’ll receive program descriptions and an invitation to work with me.

As soon there are openings, you’ll get all the info – ahead of the pack.

I look forward to getting to know you better!

with care,

Niika Quistgard, CAS, Ayurveda for Women

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